Building a circular economy through corporate and product sustainability

Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable and circular economy is Fairm’s priority. Sustainability is so much more than making materials with a low environmental footprint! We strive to incorporate it in all our daily actions.

As a company, we aim to constantly improve on a human, environmental and business level. By monitoring our corporate sustainability, we want to have a positive impact both on the environment and on the people who support us, as partners, clients, or as part of our team. With this ambition in mind, we are walking on the path to become a certified B Corp.

As producers, our goal is to develop a fully circular material with a positive impact. Buildings need to become zero-waste (or even better, nature-based) throughout their life-cycles.
However, assessing the circular performance of a material is not an easy task: many evaluation and measurement tools are available, but none of them hold a comprehensive truth or are universally recognized. This is why we are strongly focusing on evaluating the long-term value of our foam, already during the development phase of the material. Through a focused research on sustainability, we are analyzing, comparing and quantifying the circular performance of Fairm Foam and how it fits in the certified standards we want to achieve, both as a material and as a valuable component for certified buildings.

We still have a lot to learn. On what grounds do you consider a product as circular or sustainable? We are looking for answers, so feel free to contact us if you have suggestions: together we have the greatest impact!