Fairm: fair materials through fermentation

Our mission

At Fairm we are driven to bring balance to Earth’s natural and social ecosystems. Through entrepreneurship and biotechnology, we enable others to build a better world with the best possible materials. We focus not only on technological development, but on making innovations work for the people that use them. For us there is just nothing quite like the joy of advancement that comes from combining innovation that serves the greater good with the application that leads to commercial success. A success we intended to treat with care as we not only aim to push the envelope of sustainability in construction industry but in business in general.

Our 21st century compass

In our opinion, Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economy provides the most intuitive and comprehensive framework for sustainable life on Earth. We believe every business should stay within its boundaries. At Fairm we aim to do better and are determined to be part of the turnaround generation that steers humanity back between its societal and planetary boundaries. As our first products ship, we will start to report on our performance in all its indicators.

Our natural technology

Now more than ever, the methods we use to build our world depict our relationship with it. Combining nature’s intelligence with human ingenuity we make 100% natural, endlessly renewable materials that meet industry standards, all from local resources. The effectiveness of biotechnology allows us to produce at the largest scale with the smallest possible footprint. This way we enable builders to create in the most responsible manner and help them shift away from linear and polluting practices.

Our way of working

Challenging the status quo and pushing the envelope drives us at Fairm. This attitude does not only point outward into the world but has an equally big internal focus. At Fairm we are in continuous pursuit of improvement on product, organisational and individual level. By offering opportunities for personal growth, we aim to bring and preserve our employee’s passion, commitment, enthusiasm, and curiosity. Motivated to do better we work hard yet keep it fun and meaningful.

Our way of business

We make business work for our planet and its people, not the other way around. This means that we place the interest of our shareholders, which should get a fair return, after that of our clients, employees and community. In the coming year, we will secure that belief in our company structure using a steward ownership model and hope to see endeavours in this area rewarded with B-Corp certification.

Our future return

At Fairm we feel truly blessed that we have the opportunity to do what we do. Our success is rooted much deeper and is mainly determined by the right circumstances and infrastructure around us. Therefore, we look forward to the moment we can start giving back and we intend to be generous. In the anticipation of that time, we will create Fairm Fund. A Foundation that will support the commons, the natural and societal ecosystems that give so much to us.

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Fairm B.V.

Schieweg 15A
2627 AN Delft,
The Netherlands
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